What To Do When Your Dog Does Not Like To Bathe?


For some dogs, the time to go to bathroom for bath is the most hated one. The dog bath is not pleasant for both because you know that your dog does not like, as for your dog, he absolutely hates to be bathed, so have mercy on the poor creature. The problem is that your dog associates the bathroom with the negative spot, and no wonder, nobody likes to be forced to do something and many dogs do not like to get wet in the bath tub. Well, this attitude can be changed into a positive and likeable experience by paying attention to few small aspects.

Inspect Your Dog Daily


It is very important to always caress your dog and every day you check his whole body, legs, teeth and gums and his fur. This will not only keep abreast of anything out of the ordinary, but it will be easier for you or for the hairdresser to cut the nails, hair and bathing. It will also be helpful for the vet when you have to do a routine check. Your dog gets accustomed since you get it regularly.

Train from the early days

If you made certain activities since your dog’s childhood and continue to do as an adult, he will understand how important it is that something he likes since childhood. It is best to get your dog accustomed to bathe since it is a puppy. It is easier to instill positive associations with bathing if it is a puppy, but you can make an adult dog to like bathing, so read on this article.

What You Should Do?

Indeed for many bathroom is an unpleasant process which is worth avoiding at all costs. Every time you want to bathe your dog, you must want it to happen with one command and the dog goes should be ready for a bath and this is an ideal condition.

Well, firstly, the dog is never to be announced that something bad is about to happen. If you do so he knows what is coming which only will cause anxiety in the dog. Put yourself in your dog’s place i.e. if you hate vaccines and it appears like a doctor with a syringe, you do not find it a good experience and try to escape from the situation.

When are you going to do something your dog does not like such as bathing, cutting nails or hair, do not tell it to the dog. Do not call him by his name and do not use any command bust just pick the dog up without saying anything. Refrain from running after him and do not scream because if you do so, you punish or force your dog to bathe. Bathing has to be a calm and positive process, not something that terrifies the dog.

In addition, you should also consider how often should you bathe your dog where he remains calm and is easily ready for bathing.